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 Published On Aug 04, 2017

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Presenting the video of Chaand Rattiya sung by Vineet Sharma.

Song - Chaand Rattiya
Album - Terra Rosa
Singer - Vineet Sharma, Backing Vocals - Manish J Tipu
Music - Terra Rosa Gypsies
Lyricist - Vineet Sharma & Shellee

Production House - Bodhisatva Consulting Pvt ltd
Producer - Bodhisatva
Director - Terra Rosa Gypsies
Arrangers/Programmers - Terra Rosa Gypsies

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Chaand Rattiya Sang Le ke Baithey Apni Car Ko
Maddkayi Ki Naav Thi Aur Lagna Tha Uss Paar Ko

Chaand Rattiya Sang Le key Baithey Apni Car Ko
Maddkayi Ki Naav Thi Aur Lagna Tha Uss Paar Ko

Ekk Aur Battiyon ki Tolli
Mann Bawraa Humjoli
Aur Naav Mein Hai Laddaa Chitt Ka Kaarwaan

Chaand Rattiya Sang Le Ke .....

Khwabidaa Samaa , Shehar Uss Aur Jagaa
Antarman Se Uthti , Fakiranaa Sadaa
Masslaa Na Koyi Muddaa Re

Chaand Banaa Hai Bannaa Salaa
KhushRaat Hai Iski Khalaa

Chaand Rattiya Sang Le Ke .....

Na Visaal , Na Virhaa
Bavajaah , BeVajaah
Ghunghat Shabb Ka Uthtaa Aur Sabb Khilaa
Masslaa Na Koyi Muddaa Re
Koyi Geet Hoga Kallaa
KIsi Labb Pe Hoga Wallaah

Chaand Rattiya Sang Le ke ....

Chand Ratiya

Aboard the ferry, the night with it's shimmering moonlight and my car are my companions!
The ferry "madkai" has to carry me across the river to to this desolate island!!
The sight of the string of lights fade away on one side, crazily dancing heart is preplexed and does not know where to go! caravan of my deep thoughts was held by the ferry!

The night shimmering with moonlight is my companion as I just board the ferry with my car!ap

Oh you boatman..... Oh you oh

Oh you boatman..... Oh you oh

The island having landed on it seems to have a dreamy breeze of time, I can feel that the world is lively on the other side! Nothing to bother nothing to worry about, I start to stare at the moon that looks a perfect bridegroom tonight! The shimmering stars embedded in the blanket of the black sky who seems to be the happiest " aunt" on this special night of the wedding!

Chand Ratiya

I with my car is travelling with the moon and this blackened night
The boat named Madkai which was taking us on the other side of the shore!

On one side end where we start from there is a life and lights
But on the other end on this island I found a dreamy world that is making me feel like one "fakir" who is introspecting (the echoing of introspection just like the one who has renounced the world!

There is silence, nothing that distracts and there is nothing to resolve but feel!
The moon look like this bridegroom and the night is happy throwing stars across!

There is no

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