Ellen Reunites with Her Sitcom Co-Stars
by TheEllenShow
20 hours ago    297,255 Views
Joely Fisher, Clea Lewis, and David Anthony Higgins joined Ellen to reminisce about their show for the first time since the sitcom ended.
Ellen, Oprah & Laura Dern on the 'Coming Out' Episode
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    343,347 Views
The three talented women sat down together for the first time since the noteworthy episode of Ellen's sitcom aired.
A Touching Surprise for Ellen
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    259,021 Views
Ellen received a heartwarming surprise from some of her biggest fans, whose lives were changed by her sitcom's unprecedented "coming out" episode.
Ellen Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Her 'Coming Out' Episode
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    329,615 Views
Ellen commemorated the 20th anniversary of one of the most talked about moments in TV history – her sitcom's groundbreaking episode!
Oprah and Ellen Remember the History-Changing 'Coming Out' Episode
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    604,670 Views
Oprah Winfrey joined Ellen to discuss the monumental episode they starred in and the surprising aftermath they both experienced.
Ellen's Getaway NY to L.A.!
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    130,924 Views
For the first time ever, Ellen flew an entire audience to her show! Check out the exciting path that led her biggest East Coast fans from New York to ..
Kim on How the Paris Incident Changed Her Life
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    2,512,527 Views
Kim Kardashian West opened up to Ellen about her experience in Paris, and shared how it's made her a different person.
Family Talk with Kim Kardashian West
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    1,414,054 Views
One of the world's most well-known women caught up with Ellen about her kids, North and Saint, husband Kanye, and everything in between!
Ellen's Spring 12 Days Surprise!
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    134,462 Views
Ellen's audience of East Coast fans got an unexpected dose of holiday cheer – a surprise day of her 12 Days of Giveaways!
Jennifer Hudson Performs 'Remember Me'
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    136,330 Views
The Grammy-winning artist returned to Ellen's stage to perform her hit song!
Ellen’s Pet Dish with Taylor Swift
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    170,102 Views
Ellen and Portia’s pets are shaking off an all-new episode with the purr-fect guest, Taylor Swift!
A Blind Teen Piano Prodigy Performs!
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    165,685 Views
Sixteen-year-old Matthew Whitaker has performed around the world, at The Apollo, and now the incredibly talented pianist performs for Ellen!
Salma Hayek's Dog Loves Cake!
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    548,393 Views
The stunning actress told Ellen all about her dog's surprising sweet tooth, and her daughter's slimy new sales pitch.
'Danger Word'
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    305,837 Views
Ellen debuted her new game in which you REALLY don't want to say the wrong thing!
Warpaint Performs 'Whiteout'
by TheEllenShow
4 days ago    49,372 Views
The indie rock band performed a song from their latest album for Ellen and her audience. Check it out!
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