Coincidence, I Think Not: Adios!
by TheEllenShow
14 hours ago    42,516 Views
Even though the world might be a crazy place, sometimes things magically fall into place. Check out this batch of crazy coincidences in Ellen’s new ..
Fan Mail for tWitch
by TheEllenShow
16 hours ago    35,946 Views
Ellen is no stranger to receiving art from her fans of her likeness – and now someone sent in something they made especially for tWitch.
Newlyweds Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Are in Our Cubicle!
by TheEllenShow
3 days ago    56,486 Views
The Ellen show producers chat with newlyweds Carly and Evan about their wedding, their baby on the way, and all things "Paradise." "Bachelor in Parad..
Coincidence, I Think Not: Yay!
by TheEllenShow
5 days ago    168,794 Views
Ellen came across some coincidences that seem too good (and too funny) to be true.
Epic or Fail: In Your Face!
by TheEllenShow
5 days ago    174,528 Views
It’s time for one of Ellen’s favorite games that full of awesomely epic and bring-worthy fail videos.
Instant Mood Booster: Ridin’ Dirty
by TheEllenShow
5 days ago    92,681 Views
Never before has a dog had so much swagger. Please enjoy Ellen’s Instant Mood Booster!
The Ellen Staff's 'Bachelor in Paradise' Recap: Paradise is Back!
by TheEllenShow
5 days ago    90,765 Views
The Ellen show producers break down the first week of the much anticipated and the most dramatic fourth season of "Paradise." "Bachelor in Paradise" ..
Funny Flowers
by TheEllenShow
6 days ago    168,033 Views
Ellen found some flowers that can only be described as one-of-a-kind.
Why I Don’t Have A Husband: Keep It Movin’!
by TheEllenShow
6 days ago    211,660 Views
From couches to kids, men have provided plenty of examples for why Ellen doesn’t have a husband.
Warning: Graphically Cute Videos
by TheEllenShow
6 days ago    177,619 Views
In the mood for some major cuteness? Ellen shared some of her favorite videos that feature cute kids, adorable dogs, and doting dads!
Macey Goes RVing: Boston
by TheEllenShow
7 days ago    82,427 Views
Ellen sends her 7-year-old presidential whiz Macey Hensley RVing with her family. First stop, Boston, where Macey visits the iconic Fenway Park and h..
Ellen’s Audience Sings ‘Teenage Dream’
by TheEllenShow
7 days ago    199,357 Views
Katy Perry’s hit song might have some new suggestions for lyrics. Watch Ellen’s audience sing along – whether they know the words or not!
Correct Me If I’m Wrong: A Trillion Trillion
by TheEllenShow
1 week ago    125,261 Views
Ellen took a look at some corrections to articles that are sure to make "LOL" your main headline.
Ellen Discusses Butt Glitter
by TheEllenShow
2 weeks ago    294,894 Views
Ellen shared her thoughts on the sparkly new trend for your rear end.
Memorable Game Moments
by TheEllenShow
2 weeks ago    98,455 Views
Ellen relived a handful of her favorite moments from games people have played on her show over the years.
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