Ellen and Demi Lovato Play Su'Move It, Move It!
by TheEllenShow
1 hour ago    16,548 Views
Ellen and the Grammy-nominated singer played a super-sized version of "Heads Up!" You can get "Heads Up!" for your iPhone or Android in the App Store..
A Terrific Teacher's Wonderful Surprise
by TheEllenShow
1 hour ago    6,228 Views
Melissa has been teaching for 30 years and is one of Ellen's biggest fans, promoting kindness (and dancing) in her classroom. Ellen invited her to the..
Young Dylan at NBA All-Star Weekend
by TheEllenShow
1 hour ago    8,820 Views
The 7-year-old rapper had a blast with the NBA's biggest ballers, and threw down some rhymes with a performance of Chance the Rapper's "No Problem"!
Jennifer Lopez Plays Who'd You Rather?
by TheEllenShow
1 hour ago    16,974 Views
The one and only J.Lo may be single, but not for long! Ellen is helping her find a match in one of her favorite games!
An Exceptional Fan's Jaw-Dropping Surprise
by TheEllenShow
23 hours ago    217,718 Views
When Ellen first met Noveen, her excitement was so infectious, Ellen couldn't wait to bring her back to give her a life-changing surprise!
Jennifer Lopez on Drake and Dating Younger Men
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    1,034,289 Views
J.Lo gave Ellen the lowdown on her love life, and addressed some rumors that have been swirling.
A Terrific Dancing Trio Performs!
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    334,285 Views
Young friends Khiyla, Naima and Ajanae created a music video that Ellen loved so much, she invited the three of them to show off their dance moves in ..
'Average Andy' with World Sumo Champion Yama
by TheEllenShow
1 day ago    271,432 Views
Ellen's Executive Producer was put through the sumo wrestling wringer with two-time World Sumo Champion Yamamotoyama. It's time for another episode of..
Migos Performs 'Bad and Boujee'!
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    644,439 Views
The rap trio behind the Dab dance craze hit the stage for a performance of their #1 hit song!
Macey Hensley Celebrates Presidents' Day!
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    268,134 Views
The adorable presidential expert joined Ellen on her favorite holiday to share fun facts and other new interests with Ellen and her audience!
Kris Jenner on Kylie, Her Love Life, & Empty Nesting
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    703,579 Views
Kris shared the latest on her boyfriend, daughter Kylie Jenner's ventures, and what it's like living alone for the first time.
Know or Go with Macey!
by TheEllenShow
2 days ago    467,232 Views
In honor of Presidents' Day, three of Ellen's audience members played a special round of Know or Go with her special guest, kid presidential expert Ma..
'Read It' – The Ellen Remix ft. Ellen, Big Sean, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ice Cube, Migos & Ty Dolla $ign
by TheEllenShow
4 days ago    184,047 Views
Ellen helped Mr. Bonner and his second grade class put together a music video for their original anthem... with a little help from some famous faces. ..
Matt Damon Shows Off His Sharp Dart Skills
by TheEllenShow
5 days ago    288,388 Views
The "Great Wall" star was right on target to win big for a good cause in Ellen's new game. Bullseye!
The Brilliant Mr. Bonner Returns with His Second Grade Class!
by TheEllenShow
5 days ago    455,466 Views
Mr. Bonner and his students from South Greenville Elementary came all the way to California to visit Ellen in person for an unforgettable experience! ..
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